Initiatives in the Reserve: Environmental Education

Meredale Primary visits Modderfontein Reserve on Earth Day

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Earth Day 2013                      

School children celebrate Earth Day at Modderfontein Reserve
Earth Day is observed annually on 22 April and events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and is celebrated in more than 192 countries every year.

Modderfontein Reserve hosted 40 Grade 1 pupils from Meredale Primary School in celebration of Earth Day. Heartland sponsored the pupils’ transport to the Reserve and provided eco-bags filled with educational goodies. Lunch was supplied by local business, Freer’s Butchery of Lakeside Shopping Centre.
The day would have been incomplete without fun and games, and the kids were entertained during an educational treasure hunt.

The excursion was a fun-filled educational experience as learners were treated to a guided walk of the park led by the Reserve manager Luke Strugnell of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). The pupils planted indigenous trees.  Replacing alien vegetation with indigenous trees and shrubs forms an important part of the Reserve’s alien vegetation removal plan.

A Meredale Primary teacher commented: “Many of our pupils never get to experience nature and this was a wonderful opportunity for them to do so at the Modderfontein Reserve. These educational excursions are meaningful in terms of environmental education. Not only are we looking after our planet but we are also teaching students that this can be done every day, everywhere in an enjoyable way.”

One of the Grade 1 pupils said he was proud and happy to have been part of this day.

An educational centre is being formalised in the reserve. This centre will be used, among other things, to host the many schools which visit the reserve for environmental awareness programmes.

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Environmental Education & Awareness

About - Our vision
Alien vegetation removal  

Education and awareness are key to sustainability and the continued preservation of natural ecosystems. In a rapidly changing world, it is important that we look after our open spaces with care so that our children and their children can enjoy them too.

The reserve provides a unique opportunity to learn about the environment within a natural setting, whilst remaining within the city limits.

The EWT and the Modderfontein Conservation Society are working on implementing educational programmes, as this is one of the largest opportunities that exist in this reserve.

Education and awareness programmes for schools and interest groups will be offered. University students will also be invited to undertake research and field work in the Reserve. The central location of the reserve and its accessibility provide opportunities for effective and exciting education ventures and will contribute to the creation of an environmentally ethical citizenry.