Print Initiatives in the Reserve: Fauna

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The Reserve is home to a number of animals including steenbok, reedbuck, duiker, black-backed jackals, Cape clawless otter, hedgehogs, and four varieties of mongoose.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust intends to undertake some small mammal studies in the Reserve to measure the impact of the removal of alien vegetation on the animal population and have already embarked on studies of the Reserve’s bat population. Camera traps have also been set to further investigate the species composition of the reserve, as well as the activity of certain species such as the Otters, the Cape Clawless and Spotted Neck Otter have also been sighted swimming along the water course.

Birds and birding

One of the Reserve´s highlights is its abundance of bird species.

Over 250 species have been recorded on the Reserve – some of which are not normally found in urban areas. These include fish eagles, long-crested eagles, jackal buzzards and crimson-breasted shrikes, amongst others.

One of the reasons for the species diversity is the presence of the large alien Bluegum and Pine species favoured by raptors. The dense vegetation and the large bodies of water provide perfect habitats for a large number of bird types, as well as for the near threatened Spotted-necked Otter.

Small areas of threatened Grassland habitat within the reserve provide refuge for species such as the Orange-throated Longclaw and Capped Wheatear.

Future plans for the reserve include the construction of bird hides and visitors will be able to access these from the walking and/or cycle trails.

Click here for a list of species recorded in the reserve.