Print Initiatives in the Reserve: Indigenous Tree Planting

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Indigenous Tree Planting  

Indigenous trees and shrubs are being planted to replace alien vegetation in the reserve. To date, 292 indigenous trees (about 15 – 20 different species) have been planted on the Reserve, with
more to come.

Trees have been labelled and numbered, both for monitoring purposes and for visitor information.

It is important to plant indigenous trees so that, slowly, the alien species that provide habitats to so many species can be replaced without losing any of the species diversity, whilst returning the ecosystem to a state of natural equilibrium.

An Indigenous Tree Nursery and a Fauna & Flora Maintenance company have been established in Modderfontein.

Both companies are run by young entrepreneurs, the primary source of business for these entities is currently the Modderfontein Reserve but the future vision is to equip the operators to expand their businesses. Assistance is provided in terms of capital outlay, business plan preparation, day-to-day operation and mentorship by the reserve manager.