For any management plan to be successful it is essential that regular monitoring of vegetation is conducted.

Such monitoring informs as to the ecological status of your veld, informs what management activities need to take place and confirms whether objectives are being met.

The GMPUA has contracted with The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) to establish an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Reserve. Monthly monitoring and reporting is conducted against the EMP to gauge the progress of the various environmental objectives. 

Monitoring serves as a warning system, alerting managers to disturbances and other issues such as over/under grazing and bush encroachment. The method instituted in the Modderfontein Reserve includes fixed photography points, as well as remote sensing through aerial photographs. Sites where alien vegetation is removed are monitored particularly closely to assess whether any follow up is needed on regrowth.

Fixed point photographs are conducted quarterly in a standardised way, and this helps to show changes in vegetation from season to season as well as from year to year as work is conducted on the reserve

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